Pastors of First United Methodist Church of Terrell

R.M. Powers 1876-1877
W.F. Easterling 1878-1879
G.P. Horn 1880
W.G. Connor 1881-1882
M.H. Neely 1883-1886
O.P. Thomas 1887-1888
F.A. Rosser 1889-1891
H.O. Moore 1892
P.C.  Archer 1893-1895
J.F. Pierce 1896
E.H. Casey 1867
M.H. Neely 1898
G.S. Sexton 1899-1900
C.M. Threadgill 1901
J.J. Clark 1902-1903
L.S. Barton 1903-1905
R.G. Moody 1906
E.W. Alderson 1907-1909
D.H. Aston 1910
C. Puglsey 1911-1912
G.C. French 1913-1915
J.L. Pierce 1916
W.T. Whiteside 1917-1920
W.L. Tittle 1921-1922
J.L. Morris 1923-1926
W.H. Baker 1927-1928
Minor Bounds 1929
J.A. Old 1930-1933
C.B. Fielder 1934-1936
C.M. Simpson 1937-1939
Clark Russell 1940
L.B. Trone 1941-1942
J.P. Fleming 1943-1947
J.S. Rice 1948-1950
Thomas E. Hardy 1950-1956
Morris C. Smith 1956-1962
William Greenhaw 1962-1965
W.E. Peterson 1965-1967
Sherrell Hendricks 1967-1970
Ed T. Hayes 1970-1976
Montie Stewart 1976-1983
Ira Thompson 1983-1987
George Strickland 1987-1993
Ken Hildebrand 1993-1997
Joe Ed Goolsby 1997-2007
David Rucker 2007-2011
Keith Head 2011-2013
Chuck Aaron 2013-2017
Peter McNabb, 2017-present


Jana Powell Hendricks sent this photo of a 1968 Starlette Choir trophy she received as a child in the choir.  She is the daughter of Bobby and Jenell Powell who were very active members of the church.  She married Darren Hendricks, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Sherrell Hendricks.  He served as pastor here 1967-70.  Darren has kept his Starlette Choir trophy as well.

Rev J. W. Fields organized our church in 1873. 

Vinnie Perry found this, her mother Anna Belle Bennett's Sunday School promotion from the Primary Department to the Junior Department on September 24, 1933. What a rich heritage of faith we share here!

The Starlette Choir in 1957 or 1958. Photo courtesy of Vinnie Perry.