This special tradition in our church has been a constant reminder of the meaning of Christmas.  Our church is in need of a new Crismon tree to display the beautiful symbolic ornaments.  The Pairs and Spares Sunday School class has been searching for an appropriate replacement for the tree which has been a focal point in the Sanctuary during Advent.  However, like most everything else, the cost of a large and beautiful tree has significantly increased.  A new tree that would be equivalent to what we now have will cost close to $1,000 - more than one Sunday School class alone can support. 

If you would like to contribute to maintaining this long-standing tradition, please mark your check or offering envelope "Crismon Tree" and leave it in the offering plate on Sunday or bring it to the church office.   Remember that the tree needs to be purchased and decorated by the first Sunday in Advent, December 3.


The Crismon Tree