Special eventsThe METHODIST WOMEN met Monday, November 6, 2017, and discussed the up coming events.

DECEMBER 4th the MW will take Brunch and gifts to the Terrell State Hospital Unit H as
we have done in the past.There will be 12 MEN and 12 WOMEN. 

        FOOD, we need sandwiches, chips and dips, cookies, fruit. If you did not sign up for

                     something on Monday night, please let me know what you can bring as we still

                     need some of each thing listed above as we will be serving around 40 people.
        GIFT BAGS we still need fruit (bananas apples,) maybe some wrapped Little Debbie's,  

                     small packages of nuts. If you have not signed up please let me know if you can

                     help.  We will be filling 24 Christmas Sacks for the patients.
        WE WILL MEET AT CHURCH AT 9AM to stuff Sacks and make ready to be at the TSH
                     by 10AM. This usually last about 1 to  1-1/2 hours. Please let me know if you can

                     help serve, as we will need help serving.

DECEMBER 6ththe Misisons Team has ask ALL METHODIST WOMEN to help make BROWNIES for his group to serve when they take Christmas to the TERRELL CARE CENTER.
Please have them at the church by 4pm as they will go to there at 6pm. More information  will be available in the up coming days.

DECEMBER 9th the Missions Team would like for the Methodist Women to provide the desserts for the LUNCHEON at BURNETT. He will be making an announcement in Church as to the time.