Pastor Pete's Pondering 

Do you feel defined by past mistakes?   How open are you to the power of God in your life?  

This week my sermon is called "Open Lives."  We will examine two lives--one in the Bible and one in modern times--and discover what God is up to in our own lives when we are open to the transformational power God brings.  I hope you will come.  Invite someone to come with you and offer to give them a ride.  This is a message that needs to be heard.

Scriptures are: Genesis 28: 10-19 and Matthew 13: 24-30 and 36-43.  

Daria and I have been very blessed by Punch with the Pastor.  You have come out in great numbers and opened your hearts to three important questions:

(1) What initially brought you to First United Methodist Church of Terrell?
(2) What do you love about the church today?
(3) What are your dreams for the church in the future?

The third and final Punch with the Pastor will be at 7 p.m. Wed. July 26 in Fellowship Hall.   If you have not been to one yet, please come to that one and join in the conversation.

First United Methodist Church Terrell

Sunday Schedule

   9:30am    Sunday School

                       for all ages

 10:50am   Morning


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Open Hearts
We believe that living a life inspired by God's love compels us to offer help, hope, and healing to those looking for more meaning in their lives.    

Open Minds
We believe God’s grace is available to all people, no matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what you’ve done.   

Open Doors
We believe in welcoming others into our lives, but also in taking action outside the walls of the church to serve our neighbors, next door and around the world.